wibby (wibby) wrote,

Twenty Shades of Wibberish:  No.28


I don't read very much because it is hard work, but a friend who I have never met (She lives in another country), Carlinos, wrote some interesting stuff recently about the link between food and mental health. It got me thinking.

There is a theory that eating natural untainted food helps mood and clarity of thinking, while eating a poor diet of processed food can exacerbate anxiety and depression and affect ones ability to think straight, possibly leading to the need for mood enhancing pills in order to cope.

Well, while I am confident in my belief in this theory, since the statistics support it, I'm having trouble with the logic that justifies and explains it. There are at least two possibilities; That good eating promotes clear balanced thinking, or alternatively, that naturally well-balanced thinkers are inherently drawn to a well-balanced diet. This latter possibility could be no more than a coincidence if, for example, a particular set of genes influenced both traits - much the same way that people whose ring finger is longer than their index finger tend to be a lot randier than those with finger lengths the other way round.

I am none the wiser as to how to prove what causes what here: It is very much a "chicken and egg situation", or in my case, a "Free-range chicken and organic egg situation".

Hmm… My inability to sort out such a simple problem is making me very depressed.

Fuck it!

Where's the chocolate and the sodding Vodka?

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