wibby (wibby) wrote,

Conversations:   No. 115

Hi Bruv'. How's things?

Yeah, okay I guess.

You don't sound too sure. Usual? Red wine?

Thanks. I'm loosing my ability to communicate.

Uhh ohh..., been arguing again have we?

Not really. Got to talking with that lot who hang about outside Kwikki Nosh. I was saying what seems obvious, but they just couldn't - or wouldn't - get it. They slagged me down without even listening.

Politics again?

Whooah. No way! I shut it on that subject down there. No, I was trying to get across the simple idea that diet was as important to the development of the brain and intelligence as it is to physical fitness.

Hahahaa... No chance there Mate! They'll never grasp that one.

Why not?

They eat the wrong kind of food!

Tags: conversations

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