wibby (wibby) wrote,

Daze of the Weak:  No. 61

Wednesday, 6 PM

Last night I noticed how many things around the house need repairing, so I made a plan of action.

I got up early this morning and started by collecting up all the bent things I could find, then when I had a neat pile, I settled down to bending them all straight.

I was so pleased with myself when I had finished by lunch time that I decided to treat myself to a break and spend some time searching the internet for stuff about "bending things".

I found a blog dedicated to the subject that was very thought provoking and showed there was more to the subject than first meets the eye. I read this thread where somebody argued that you couldn't "bend things straight"; "Bending things straight" was semantically incorrect, so one should talk about straightening things that were bent instead. If you bent something that was already bent it would end up more bent not less. He went on to say that such sloppy use of the language was not only symptomatic of the rot in the fabric of modern society, but it's unquestioned acceptance made it part of the slovenliness that was the cause of declining standards.

I was not so proud of my earlier achievement now. I gathered everything back together again and bent them to how they first were, contemplating that now, in fact, they were really three times as bent as when I first found them, then I meticulously straightened each and every one of them.

It took a long time, but at least I can be pleased that I also did my bit to reverse the lethargy that is causing the rot in the fabric of modern society.

Tags: dotw

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