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Wrought Iron Byron

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"First came The Idea.
Then came The Word to express it's meaning, and it spread The Idea across the land.
With the passing of time The Idea changed, but The Word stayed the same.
The meaning slowly evolved until The Word became an embarrassment.
So The Word was changed, but the meaning stayed the same and thus all was well."

St Anley of Monkton
"Observations from the Attic", Volume 2. Chapter 476


All the words in this journal are my own except those that have been used before. Where I have borrowed the sweat of other's brow's I have given credit in the entry. Also, where the sweat threatens to drip and stain your screen I have supplied paper tissues. The location of these may not be immediately apparent, but they can be found with perseverance. Please dispose of any that you use in the receptacle provided and do not flush.

This should be regarded as a work of fiction, a biography, a Service Manual or an assortment of trivia - at your discretion.

We learn by watching and listening so please comment or criticise; I will thus have something to read, and something else to learn. I have my own supply of tissues, thank you, so please retain yours for your own future use.

I am a recent Immigrant to LJ but I will be smuggling my family in from Wibby at Blurty one member at a time as I teach them to speak fluently in native Mozilla

My backdrop is a reworked image of the Bubble Nebula NGC 7635 taken by the Hubble Space Telescope

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ambiguosity, incongruosity, indefinable frames of reference, logically self-consistant circularity, the bendiness of wrought-iron, the clarity of irony, the nakedness of wrought-irony.